April 4th

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Inclusion Group

The Inclusion Group will meet today at 11:35 in Room 206.

The Inclusion Group want to share “Celebrate the Hero” weekly missions. Each week there is a theme and everyday something that everyone can do to make a difference in your own or someone else’s life.
This week is
Send a Positive Message

Social Media is everywhere, and almost everyone uses it in one way or another. Most of the time it’s just to update status’, upload pictures, or to re-tweet quotes you read throughout the day that inspire you. There are numerous ways to make others feel good by using the World Wide Web, but you don’t need the internet to make someone smile. We know some of our followers are younger, so we encourage everyone to leave a note for a loved one, friend, teacher, peer, or stranger with your favorite uplifting lyrics, or tell them what they did that really made you happy recently.


All students planning to go to college or university next year are invited to a session about OSAP and financial planning during period 4 on Monday, April 11. Please sign up in guidance right away if you wish to attend this important session.


What does it mean to have faith? 5-1-5 invites all Grade 7-12 students to join us as we explore life’s biggest questions. Our next meeting is this Thursday at 11:40 in Mr Westra’s room 263. Check the posters around the school for reminders. Bring a friend. As always, treats are provided.

MMAD Meeting

There will be a Mustangs Making a Difference Meeting this Tuesday, April 5 at the beginning of lunch. Plans are being finalized for three events coming up over April and May so please attend.