Thursday, June 7th

Main Hall

Attention artists, designers, creators, and dreamers: Help to re-design the walls main hall! The pictures on the wall of the former FE Madill principals are going to be relocated. Mrs. McDade is taking design suggestions from students. What would you like to see there? Submit your suggestions to Mrs. McDade by Friday, June 15th.

Job Opportunity

Summer job opportunity available. Dairy operation south of Teeswater. Come to guidance for more information.  

Employment Opportunity

Summer Employment Opportunity, with Bill & Tom Kempton Construction, of Amberley. See guidance for details.  

Student Council Positions

Application Forms for F.E.Madill Student Council Positions as School Representatives for the 2018-2019 school year are available on the main counter in the school office.. Positions Available are President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Junior Treasurer, Secretary, Student Trustee, Social Convenor, Assembly Reps, Charity Reps, Inclusion Reps, Spirit Reps, Athletic Reps and Grade Reps for grades 7 to 12.

Dress Code

This is a reminder: As the weather warms up, you are under no obligation to change your appearance for Summer.

Pride Parade

For more information on participating in Stratford’s first Pride Parade this weekend, speak with Ms. Joseph, Ms. Trick, or Mrs. McDade.


Found – set of two keys on a red tag. If these are your keys please pick up at the school office.

Emergency Drills

Please listen carefully to this important announcement about emergency drills. Staff and students did an excellent job on Tuesday during our severe weather drill. If severe weather approaches, remember to cover your head and crouch as far from windows and exterior doors as possible. If you are outside when severe weather approaches, go inside. Remain quiet so you can hear instructions. Period 1 teachers, if you have not already done so, please review Lockdown Drill procedures today following announcements.Thank you, Mrs. McDade


Mrs. Verhaeghe and Mr. Andrew are busy prepping the yearbook for next year and for the first time ever, they have set up a hashtag for you to submit your own photos to share in the book. Using your social media, add your images to the hashtag #madillyearbook (all lower case). Be sure to add the names of anyone in the pictures. Use your best judgement submitting photos – nothing inappropriate or illegal – duh! Let’s see what you got Mustangs!

Student’s Council

Today is the final day to submit your application for next year’s Student’s Council. Applications can be picked up in the main office and dropped off there once they’re completed. Student’s Council helps to plan events for you the students, and for anyone looking ahead to post-secondary, colleges and universities consider Student’s Council to be a very valuable asset in your entrance admissions application. Available positions range from President to grade reps. Help represent the herd and make a difference next year at F. E. Madill.


5-1-5 is back this week. We’re meeting room 206 at 11:35. The pizza will be there – will you? Bring a friend!