Excellence in Education Awards

Each spring, District 8 OSSTF and the Avon Maitland District School Board join together to present the Excellence in Public Education Awards. This year honourees received their awards at a banquet  held at the Seaforth Community Centre on Wednesday, May 9th.

Recipients from FE Madill are pictured below;

May 9th Awards Banquet (L to R) Martina Aisenpreis (OSSTF Rep), Kaylee Hughes (Student), Katie Murray (Student), Lincoln Dinning (Community), Andrea Verhaeghe (Staff) and Marie McDade (Principal)

It is important that we take the time to celebrate the efforts of the individuals who make our schools better places in which to work and learn.   Please take a moment to read below about our award recipients from Madill!

Kaylee Hughes – Student Award Winner

Kaylee Hughes exemplifies what a model student should be. She is always cheerful and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that she is meeting all expectations and helping others. Kaylee is a mentor both in the school and in the community at large. She is a well renowned peer mentor who works with younger students to give them guidance with their school work and makes them feel comfortable within the school setting. In her church community, she is a Sunday School Leader who participated in a mission trip to the Dominican Republic to assist with the refurbishment of a school.

During her tenure at F.E. Madill, Kaylee has been a member of the following sports teams; volleyball, soccer, badminton, and basketball. Her coaches all note that she is a well respected leader who always brings a positive attitude and mature presence to her respective teams.  

She is well respected by her peers and teachers alike. She has been recognized as a Madill Scholar for the four years she has been at F.E. Madill. Kaylee has a reputation of being a hard worker who will persevere through any difficulty and will always give her best effort at all times. Her mature approach to her studies is a reflection of her dedication to her post secondary aspirations.

Katie Murray – Student Award Winner

Katie has been the embodiment of student leadership throughout her five years at F.E. Madill Secondary School. Often taking on the role of a behind the scenes leader, Katie is a constant presence at school events. Her ability to easily adapt to various situations enables her to take charge wherever she is needed; be it as captain of the girls hockey team, preparations for semi-formal, support of the ? basketball program, her co-op placement with the Physical Education Department or taking care of teacher’s children when we need an extra hand. For the past two years, she has played an integral part in the planning and execution of the annual Madill Mad Dash Colour Run and the Madill Yearbook. Katie has a natural ability to bring together the student body, demonstrating a connection with students of all grades. She is a welcoming, familiar face that encourages a cohesive school environment. Her positive attitude and willingness to get involved are a great representation of the spirit of Madill. She spreads that spirit everywhere she goes and helps to make F.E. Madill a better place. Katie is a deserving recipient of this award because she will not expect it in any way. She goes about her business in a humble, yet confident way. Her maturity allows her to be a leader in the best way possible, without pretense and with the betterment of the whole group in mind. I am excited to see where she goes in life as she is an exceptional young person and she is going to make a positive impact in this world.

Lincoln Dinning – Community Member Award Winner

Lincoln Dinning has been involved with Madill for many years. His sons graduated from the school many years ago, and over the past few years, he has become involved again at Madill in many ways. His family generously donated scholarships funds in memory of their son and brother Matthew, which helped numerous students achieve their post-secondary dreams. The Matthew Dinning Memorial Junior Biys rugby tournment will be running for the 12th year this April. Lincoln attends the tournament, welcomes teams with an inspirational message about the spirit of rugby competition, and presents the championship plaques. He volunteers with the junior boys rugby team to offer additional supervision, help with equipment and mentors the boys. Every boy that has been through the rugby program at Madill for the last several years would be able to speak to the positive impact Lincoln has on the Madill rugby experience. In addition, Lincoln is an adult mentor through the student success program. It is particularly important to him to connect with the students by getting to know their interests and hobbies and doing fun activities during their visits. He has made an impact on so many staff and students at Madill, that he is certainly deserving of this award.

Andrea Verhaeghe – Staff  Award Winner

Andrea is an educator whose dedication and commitment to education and community involvement is amazing. She has worked in many departments, including science, special education, guidance and physical education and has fully embraced and mentored many students to ensure success. Andrea has coached many sports teams and is able to build positive relationships with students from all corners of the school.  She also has been on Parent council and has been a positive liaison between the school and community as a Building Bridges to Our Future committee member. She has been the organizer and supporter of the Mustang Mad Dash, editor of the yearbook and works with the community paper to promote the positive things happening at the school. Andrea’s leadership, flexibility, and friendly and practical nature contribute greatly to our school’s atmosphere.