Madill Hosts Huron-Bruce MPP Candidates

Madill students were given a unique opportunity to ask questions and listen to the six MPP candidates from Huron Bruce.  Candidates were invited to the event by Mrs. Payne’s Gr. 10 Civics classes.

The candidates answered questions and shared their respective views and ideas about topics such as rural transit, minimum wage,  gas prices, EQAO testing, education in Ontario and more.

Here is a list of the participating candidates and links to their respective parties’ website;

Gerrie Huenemoerder – Ontario Alliance Party
Jan Johnstone – Ontario New Democratic Party
Dan Matheson – Ontario Liberal Party
Ronald Stephens – Ontario Libertarian Party
Lisa Thompson – Ontario Progressive Conservative Party
Nicholas Wendler – Green Party of Ontario

Although many students are not eligible to vote in the June 7th election, all students will be participating in the Student Vote 2018 program on June 4th, in which they’ll participate in the voting process at school.

Student Vote 2018 is an initiative that gets students familiar with the election process and with our system of government. Student Vote 2018 election results will be released on June 7, so that student vote results can be compared with the adult vote results.

Thank you to the candidates, organizers and volunteers that helped make this educational event possible as we teach students the importance of the democratic process.