Plan Your Pathway to the Future – Oct. 17th CHSS

On Wednesday, October 17, from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, the second annual Pathways Night will be held for students in all Huron County schools and families of all ages at Central Huron Secondary School in Clinton.

Pathways Night honours all pathways to future careers. Expect to see many interactive opportunities and demonstrations from AMDSB board staff as well as community partners. Learn more about OYAP, the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, Specialist High Skills Majors and Dual Credit courses available at the high school, as well as the 40 hours required to graduate.  Some local post-secondary institutions will be present, along with associations such as the Home Builders Association.

Superintendent Jodie Baker says, “We realized that we needed to provide additional opportunities to educate students and parents about opportunities in high school and beyond. Pathways Night brings together community organizations, post-secondary facilities and supports in order to prepare students to think about pathways prior to entering high school or while in high school and considering post-secondary opportunities.”

Students from elementary to secondary schools in Huron County and their families are encouraged to attend as they think ahead to secondary school and post-secondary opportunities.  Enter through the front doors of CHSS. Central Huron Secondary School will hold their Parent-Teacher Interview Night in the cafeteria from 6:30 – 8:30.