Results from Madill “Student Vote 2018”

FE Madill Results from “Student Vote 2018”

Student Population – 772

Votes Cast – 536

Voter Turnout – 69.4%

Lisa Thompson (Conservative) – 59% of votes
Jan Johnstone (NDP) – 21.5%
Nicholas Wendler (Green) – 5.6%
Don Matheson (Liberal) – 4%
Ron Stephens  (Libertarian) – 3%
Gerrie Huenemoerder  (Alliance) – 2%
  • Spoiled Ballots – 5%
  • Results were consistent across grade levels (i.e. Lisa Thompson had most votes for ALL grades; Jan Johnstone had 2nd most votes in ALL grades etc.)

On June 4th, Madill students participated in the Student Vote 2018 program. (Click for more info)

Identical to the official election process, students have the opportunity to vote on the local candidates running in their electoral district.

The ballots are counted by each school and reported to CIVIX (Canada’s leading civic education charity)

The Student Vote results are released publicly on election night and shared with media for broadcast and publication.