Know some of the basic skincare routines

The ideal skincare routine can mean various things to different people. For some, it only refers to washing one’s face with water and some soap. While others are using a sheet mask once or twice a week. There are also skin-savvy that is consists of some steps and endless products. If you’re new to skincare, you don’t have to worry. Since every person’s skin has various needs so no need to feel any pressure.

With that, it’s normal to feel a little bit intimidated especially when encountering all the trends and options in the beauty scene today. Fortunately, there are some practical skincare tips to support you in the world of skincare. A consistent skincare routine is needed to meet beautiful and healthy skin. The usual process is to apply products starting with thinner. Water-based formulas and completing with thicker products. Below are recommendations from Skin Wise Organics to help you in your skincare routine.

Guide for a skincare routine:

  • Cleanser (AM/ PM)
  • To any effective skincare routine, the first step starts with cleansing the skin. Start your day by washing your face with some lukewarm water. And using a proper cleanser depending on your skin type. You may opt to double cleanse your skin in the evening to let optimal removal of dirt, oil, and make-up.
  • Toner (AM/ PM)
  • Once your skin is already dry and clean, the next step to do is to apply a toner. To take off any dirt or oil that remains after cleansing and to serve as a delivery system for concentrated treatments.
  • Serum (AM)
  • The serum is a nutrient-dense product that aids address different skin concerns. By providing highly-concentrated formulations of active ingredients like antioxidants. Serums are a principal component to meet radiant and healthy-looking skin.
  • Eye Cream (AM/ PM)
  • The intricate skin around the eyes is one of the primary areas to show visible signs of aging. Using an eye cream consistently can enhance or stop some fines lines in this area and aid enhance skin quality.
  • Target Treatment (AM/ PM)
  • A step where you may use some therapies such as acne spot treatment or prescription topical medication.
  • Moisturizer (AM/ PM)
  • Whatever skin type you have, a moisturizer is needed. The moisturizer you must use must be based on your skin type. Moisturizer is necessary as they give a protective barrier and extra hydration for the skin.
  • Sunscreen (AM)
  • Sunscreen is important in every skincare routine. It is the last step that protects you against UVB and UVA.