Sears Drama Festival

Last week the Drama Guild took two student-directed productions to the Sears Drama Festival. Besides having a great time and learning a great deal, they came how with an unprecedented number of awards for their work:

Nicholas Beardsley – Award of Excellence for Direction in “Third Person”
Alyssa Bragan – Acting Award for “Love Factually”
Ryan Irwin – Award of Excellence for Playwrighting “Love Factually”
Nick Johnston – Award for Lighting Design and Execution in “Third Person”
Bianca Knop – Acting Award for “Third Person”
Guinevere MacLeod – Acting Award for “Third Person”
Lyndon Smith – Acting Award for “Love Factually”

A thank-you on behalf of both casts and crews is exteneded to Vicki McKague for filling in at rehearsals when Cherilyn Trick could not, to Nate Crawford for building the set, and to all the staff who have supported these kids along the way.  Congratulations to all those involved.

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