Assessment Evaluation and Reporting

The Avon Maitland District School Board’s Assessment, Evaluation and Reporting principles and procedures align with Ministry of Education’s Growing Success 2010 assessment and evaluation document and outline the following student responsibilities and consequences:

An Academic Disciplinary School Team will determine the consequences for cheating and plagiarizing. Consequences for academic dishonesty are not limited to, but may include one or a number of the following:

  • Discussion with the teacher and / or principal about the importance of academic honesty;
  • Reduction in the student’s development of the learning skills and work habits (e.g. from Good to Satisfactory);
  • Resubmit the assignment;
  • Complete an alternate assignment;
  • Retake the test;
  • Receive a mark penalty on the assignment;
  • Loss of credit (requires consultation with Regional Superintendent).

A variety of methods, which are appropriate to the subject, grade and course type will be taught to help students avoid plagiarism / cheating. These lessons will also outline how plagiarism / cheating are detected.

Grades 7 – 12: Submitting Evidence of Learning

Students are expected to provide evidence of their learning within established timelines. These timelines will be established by classroom teachers in consultation with students. At F.E. Madill, a continuous communication policy, In The Loop, is practised for all subjects in all grades which includes the requirement for teachers to inform parents and guardians when students have not submitted their assignments on time.  After consultation and planning with the teacher, failure to finish the assignment in will include one or more of the following consequences:

  • Receiving an I (insufficient evidence to evaluate / score);
  • Learning skills reduction (e.g. from Good to Satisfactory); and /or
  • A mark deduction up to 10% on the assignment.

Grades 9 – 12: Course Information

Information pertaining to the learning expectations, and assessment and evaluation strategies for each course are available from the classroom teacher.

Report Cards

Please refer to the Madill Calendar for dates of report card distribution and Parent-Teacher Interviews.