Exam and Final 30% Procedures

In order to earn a secondary school credit, students must complete a final course assessment weighted as 30% of their final mark. This final assessment may be an exam, a culminating activity, or a combination of the two. Specific information about the final assessment in each course is available from the teacher of the course, and posted on the course information sheet distributed to students.

Students MUST complete the final assessment on the day(s) it is scheduled. Failure to do so, may result in a mark of zero for the assessment and an incomplete in the course. If this occurs, students are NOT eligible for summer school. This applies to both exams and culminating activities.

At Madill, dates for these assessments are established early in each semester to help families plan accordingly.  Each period will be represented by a day in the exam schedule.  The order of these days will be posted prior to the mid-term in each semester.

  • Inclemate weather – should the buses be cancelled due to poor weather, the exam scheduled on that day will be written on the next day buses run, and the exam schedule will be ‘bumped’ accordingly. Follow F.E. Madill on twitter (@femadillss), or listed to the radio, for updates.

Culminating Activities typically occur during the last three weeks of the course. Depending on the course, some culminating activities will be completed in one class while others may occur over a number of days. It is important for students to communicate with their parents the information about the culminating activities for each class so that appointments can be scheduled at alternative times. Students need to be in their classes on the days of culminating activities for assessment purposes. Teachers are not required to provide alternative times for these assessments. Students who are absent from these may have a mark deduction or a zero and, thereby, putting their credits at risk.

Exam Procedures

Exams begin at 9:30 a.m. Students should arrive to their assigned exam room by 9:20 a.m. Exams are either 1.5 hours (ending at 11:00 a.m.) or 2 hours (ending at 11:30 a.m.). Students receiving special accommodations as outlined on their IEP, will have these times adjusted accordingly. Students are NOT permitted to leave the exams rooms prior to the scheduled dismissal times.

Exam room lists are posted each morning on the bulletin board in main hall. Students should check these lists to ensure they report to the correct exam room.

Textbooks need to be returned to teachers prior to the exams, or at the time(s) stated by the classroom teacher. Textbooks will not be accepted at the office.

Students who have lockers in exam room hallways will not have access to their lockers during the exam times.

The cafeteria does not serve food during exam days. Students will need to bring their own lunch and snacks, or patron the restaurants downtown on these days.

Students are asked to study and complete course work in the library, cafeteria, or courtyard during exam days so that hallways are kept quiet for students writing exams.

Buses run at their regular times during exam days.

Lockers must be cleaned out by the last day of exams in June. After this date, locks will be cut and contents removed and bagged.