School Policies and Procedures

General Information


All accidents causing personal injury or damage to school equipment or property are to be reported to the teacher in charge of the area and to the main office.  An accident report must be completed and submitted to the Avon Maitland District School Board.


It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the school of any serious allergies which the student may have.  No medication of any sort will be given to a student without parental or guardian permission.  Medication required daily should be stored in the office.


All students are expected to attend assemblies as they would a regularly scheduled class.  At certain times, assemblies may be organized for students who purchase a student card.


Students are to be treated with respect and dignity. In return, student behaviour must demonstrate respect for self, others and the responsibilities of citizenship.

Students are responsible citizens when they:

  • come to school prepared, on time and ready to learn;
  • show respect for themselves, others and property;
  • demonstrate consideration and ensure the safety of others;
  • follow established rules and take responsibility for their own actions; and
  • comply with the school’s dress code.

See Student Responsibilities Section for Code of Conduct Information.

Cafeteria Use and Food Consumption

Lunches, whether purchased in the cafeteria or brought to school, are to be eaten in the cafeteria, courtyard or outside the building.  Food or drink is not to be consumed in the halls.  Students are expected to clean up their area upon leaving the cafeteria.

Cell Phones

Use of cell phones is not permitted during class time unless directed by a teacher for educational related activities.  Any student using a cell phone for other reasons during class time (in classes or halls) can expect their phones to be confiscated by staff.  A progressive discipline plan will be set for students who choose to continue to use their cell phones inappropriately.


Dances are organized by the Students’ Council and are primarily for the students of the school.  They are not open to the public and the Administration reserves the right to restrict attendance.  Students attending dances must adhere to the rules of the school.  Any students who are truant from classes or have outstanding detentions on the day of the dance, may be refused admission.

Dress Code

The way that staff and students dress has an impact on the tone of the school.  Therefore, all are expected to dress appropriately for their particular roles in the school and in a way that shows respect for themselves, others and the school.  Our standard of dress and appearance marks our school as a place of dignity and minimizes distractions to learning.

At F.E. Madill, the following will not be accepted:

  • Hoodies pulled up over the head
  • Shirts/tops without straps
  • Clothing that reveals midriff, mid and/or lower back
  • Sheer or lace tops unless a full camisole is worn underneath
  • Underwear showing at waistline or inseam
  • Low and revealing necklines
  • Clothing that advertises school banned substances (alcohol, illicit drugs, tobacco)
  • Inappropriate graphics or expressions
  • Spiked accessories and large metal chains
  • Sunglasses

Shorts and skirts must completely cover the bum while sitting, standing or bending.

Staff members will address students who are dressed inappropriately and may send students to the office where they will be asked to cover up, change or may be sent home.  Chronic offenders will face further disciplinary action.

Emergency Procedures

In order to ensure students are prepared for, and able to manage, emergency situations, drills will take place throughout the school year.  Examples of emergency drills include fire, lockdown and tornado drills.  At all times, students are expected to follow directions from staff members in a respectful and timely manner.  This is particularly important during these drills.

Fire Drills

Fire drills will be held at regular intervals during the course of the year. Designated exits are noted on posters, posted in each classroom.   In the event of a fire alarm, WALK quickly and in an orderly fashion to the designated fire exit.  Please note that it is a criminal offense to falsely sound a fire alarm or to discharge a fire extinguisher as a prank.

Honour Roll (Grades 9-12)

Students who achieve an overall average of 80% on either semester end report card will be eligible for the school’s honour roll.  This also entitles students to points towards the School Letter (The Big M). Graduates who earn an average of 80% or higher on their best six University entrance courses will receive Ontario Scholar recognition at the Commencement ceremony.

Graduates who have high academic standing are encouraged to apply for the ‘Aiming for the Top’ scholarship available through OSAP.

Lockers and Locks

Lockers are the property of the school and are provided for the convenience of students. Each student is assigned a locker.  Lockers may NOT be shared.  Do not change lockers without prior permission from a Vice-Principal.  Dudley combination locks may be purchased in the school office for $6. Students will be held responsible for any damage to their locker.  The school reserves the right to open a locker.  It is particularly important that all valuables be kept locked in lockers – especially during physical education periods.  Valuables may also be left for safekeeping in the main office.


No student will be given any medication by the office without parental or guardian permission.  Medication required daily should be stored in the office unless the Principal gives permission otherwise.  The main office does not supply any sort of pain medication (i.e. Tylenol).


The school provides a limited amount of parking for student-operated vehicles in the student parking lot off of Carling Terrace.  No vehicle may be parked in such a way as to obstruct driveways, fire routes and/or school exits. Students are advised to lock their vehicles.  Visitor parking in front of the school is reserved for visitors to the school and may not be used by students. Students and parents may not park in the CKNX or hospital parking lots. No liability is accepted by the Avon Maitland District School Board for damage or theft which may be caused to vehicles including bicycles.  Any damages which do occur should be reported to the school administration and, where warranted, to the police and to the owner’s insurance company.  All staff and students who bring a vehicle to school and park in the parking lot must have an F. E. Madill Parking Pass displayed in their car’s window.  Students may purchase these passes at the office for $3.00.  When students purchase their pass, they will be requested to provide the licence plate numbers of any vehicle they may be driving to school.


No petition or poster may be circulated or posted in the school without the prior permission of the Administration.  All fundraising activities also require the approval of the Principal.

Your School is a Smoke-Free Place

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act is a law that bans anyone from smoking or holding lit tobacco on school property at any time.  Under this law, it is illegal to sell or supply tobacco to anyone under the age of 19.  Anyone who does not follow the Act may be fined.  The fine can range from $305 – $5000.

School staff will report incidents of smoking or supplying of tobacco to the Tobacco Enforcement Officer at the Huron County Health Unit.  If you have any questions or concerns, talk to a teacher, Vice-Principal or Principal.

The Avon Maitland District School Board recognizes that tobacco use is a health hazard.  The School Board has a policy which prohibits anyone from using tobacco or supplying tobacco to persons under 19 on School Board property.  If a student does not comply with this policy, the school Administration may take disciplinary action, up to and including a suspension.

For more information about smoking on school property, or other tobacco programs in your school community, call the Health Unit at 482-3416 or 1-877-887-6143.


Students will be issued necessary texts by their subject teachers.  All texts are to be kept in good condition and are to be returned upon request.  Costs will be assigned for lost or damaged texts.  A list of textbooks and other course materials to be used in a course is available upon request to the Principal.  Requests for substitution must be made in writing to the Principal well in advance of the date the textbook is to be used.  Course information sheets are provided to students at the beginning of each course.  Parents are advised to review the course content with the student.  Concerns should be brought to the attention of the Principal.

Uninstructed Time/Spare Periods (Grade 12)

Unstructured or spare periods provide an opportunity for students to complete homework, work on projects and assignments or to study.  It is expected that students will use such periods productively.  Senior students remaining in the school on unstructured time (spare periods) are encouraged to be in either the library or the cafeteria for the whole period. Students may work quietly in other areas of the school providing they are not a distraction or disruption.