These Formula One Facts Will Truly Surprise You

In addition to the thrill they provide you with, there are lots of additional facts about Formula One races that will truly fascinate you. After getting a kickstart in the 1950s, Formula One racing never looked back, and has only increased in popularity since then.

Formula One is mainly based in Europe, and the races take place on various different circuits or public roads depending on the type of race.

Even if you do not like watching races, you would love to read about other interesting facts about the Formula One sport. For example, the circuits are really amazingly built, and the event pulls heavy crowds everywhere.

One F1 Car Can Cost Upwards of $7m

F1 cars are not bought from car dealerships. Instead, they are built by engineers, and can cost millions of dollars to make. According to an estimate, one F1 car can cost around $7 million to make. This is just an estimate though, as prices are never disclosed by companies. This estimated price does not even include the cost of basic components. Moreover, this cost can fluctuate every year because of the company and prices, and changes in the design of F1 cars. You can watch F1 live stream for free online.

Brakes Get Really Hot

Formula one cars run at incredibly high speeds. That is why they require top quality disc brakes to stop them whenever needed. These brakes can reach upwards of 1000°C.

For comparison, molten lava has around the same temperature as the disc brakes of an F1 car. These brakes were thought to be impossible to make, but modern engineering has enabled us to achieve that.

In addition to this, every formula 1 car is made by combining up to 80,000 different components. It is incredible how everything gets together to make an incredibly fast car.