Things You Need to Know About MicroVision Stock

After the Reddit hype, most of the investors are looking forward to investing in MicroVision. However, before you actually make the investment, you need to know certain things about MicroVision stock.

It will help you to know more about the company and make a better investment decision. Here are the things you need to know about NASDAQ MVIS at

  • MicroVision: The first thing you need to know is what exactly the company is. It is a Washington based technology firm. This company deals in Laser Beam Scanning.
  • Products Development: This Company develops various types of products. They sell miniature display projections. Sensing and projection are the two main highlights of the products. They use this technology to develop high-tech augmented reality products.
  • LiDAR: Another thing you need to know about the company is that it also develops LiDAR sensors. It is an imaging technology that is used in automatic vehicles. Unmanned cars and vehicles use this technology.

  • LiDAR Growth Scope: Nowadays, most people are showing great interest in LiDAR technology. Luminar is another company that is moving towards this technology. There is a huge scope of growth for MVIS stock as it develops LiDAR sensors.
  • Stock Growth: This is a very important thing for investors. You need to check the growth of the stock over the last few months before investing in it. As for NASDAQ MVIS, it has grown 5000% times in the last year. Most of the investors are investing in this tech because it develops future products like AR.
  • Competition: Even though there is tremendous competition in the tech field, MicroVision is still growing strong. There are many other tech companies that use the same technology. However, MVIS enjoys huge support from the Reddit community.
  • Reddit Hype: In the month of March, the price of NASDAQ MVIS skyrocketed because of hype on Reddit. Jim Cramer took it to Reddit and advised people to avoid this stock. It became a meme stock. However, the same thing proved beneficial for MVIS. The stock price increased by 50% after the controversy.
  • Jim Cramer: On the Mad Money channel, Jim Cramer spoke against investing in MVIS. He said there are many better and safer stocks in the market. According to him, MVIS stock was quite risky for short positions.
  • GameStop: After the Reddit controversy, MVIS took over GameStop, which is another stock on NYSE. The volume of mentions for MVIS surpassed that of GameStop.
  • First Quarter Earnings: The Company released first-quarter earnings, which were quite disappointing. However, investors still have great buy opportunity with MVIS.

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