What are the different kinds of gas stoves burners?

The gas stove is the most important part of home appliances that fulfill the mean of existence for the kitchen in our home. The gas stove is commonly found in every home who cooks their food on it. Many other kinds of stoves are also found in the market but the gas stove is the most popular appliance. When we start to search for a gas stove for our kitchen we will get numerous choices of it in a market. Gas stoves come with various numbers of burners.

Commonly we find one burner, two burner, three burner, and four-burner stoves around us. Gas stove with five burners also come into the market but only rare people consider it for their kitchen. The purchasing of gas stoves with a variant number of burners depends on the number of people in the house to a large extent. Usually, all those bachelors who live along with any reason like a job or education, they prefer to buy a single burner gas stove. A family with only a few people believe in buying the best two burner gas cooktops for their kitchen. In the same way, the capacity for preparing dishes and the number of people present in your house decide how many burner gas stove is needed for your kitchen.

burner gas cooktops

The shape and size of the gas stove also mean a lot for your kitchen with chimney and counter’s point of view.  Nowadays, many stylish and economic design gas stoves are found in the market. They give a beautiful and modular look to your kitchen. If you have to make a heavy or light meal, both dishes need a different intensity of flames to cook the food. Keeping all these things in mind there are different kinds of gas stoves burners available in the market. These are:

  1. Standing Pilot: This is the most design found commonly in the kitchen. In this kind of gas stove, gas burns continuously under the cooktop.
  2. Electric ignition: Generally in most of the modular kitchen electric ignition burners are found. This whole model works on electricity. They ignite the burners by creating a clicking sound. You can regulate aflame with the help of a knob present in the gas stove.
  3. Sealed burners: These types of burners produce a light flame in comparison with the above two kinds.