How To Use Fouad WhatsApp APK

It is easier than ever to chat with people on your smartphone—you need an internet connection, several friends, and a texting app just download Fouad WhatsApp. It’s straightforward if the app you choose offers group chats that can handle ten or more participants at once.


This article will briefly discuss how to use Fouad WhatsApp APK as an example of a message chat group and review some of its benefits.


You’ll learn: – How to download Fouad WhatsApp APK – How to set up a new account – What makes it different than other apps that offer messaging services – How to create groups for different purposes (e.g., create a birthday group) – How to filter messages.


The first step is to download the app and create an account. What you’ll need are a phone number and an email address. You could also use your Facebook account, but you’ll need to create a password. If you already have a phone number, likely, you’ve already created an account with the app: that’s why we recommend starting from scratch. You’re ready to create groups for various purposes if all goes well. For example, we set up birthday groups where friends are invited when someone’s birthday is two days away or less.


Additionally, you can import contacts from your phone’s address book. This allows you to expand your group of friends, increasing the available functionality. In addition to allowing you to join and leave groups, the app also gives you tools such as sending messages and stickers.


The app is easy to use: all that is required is a feature called group chats. Group chats are created in a separate tab on the main chat page (see below).