Who should not take the Leanbean supplement?

Men over 44 years old are advised to use caution when taking leanbean due to the high content of ingredients that can effect estrogen. Women in the same age group should not use leanbean as it may have adverse effects on the body, especially during times of pregnancy. Men with high blood pressure should also avoid using lean bean as it contains stimulants that may aggravate blood pressure issues. Organic foodies (i.e., those following a plant-based diet) shouldn’t takeĀ Leanbean fat burner since most ingredients come from non-organic sources like soybeans and wheat.

How do you take Leanbean?

Lean Bean is a natural fat burner that promises weight loss through its unique formulation that includes ingredients like green tea extract, white kidney beans, garcinia Cambogia, and chromium peroxide. Taking two pills daily will provide fast results after 2 weeks of usage. When starting out with this product, men can consume the recommended dosage of two 30 mg capsules daily, while women can follow the recommended dosage of one capsule daily while engaging in moderate exercise routines to promote weight loss. However, overdoing it on this supplement may lead to adverse effects because traces of caffeine are found in its formula, which is hard on both your heart and brain health. If you’re sensitive to stimulants, then consuming this product should be done with caution, or else you’re likely to feel jittery but unable to fall asleep. This is an amazing product that has helped so many people achieve their body dream.